Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Every Day

I awake with the duality of hope and disappointment. The latter because without a doubt I will eat rice today, once again lose the battle against mosquitoes, be the subject of stares, and in someway be reminded that I don´t belong.

I guess I owe it to the former for still being here. Being in a new environment lends itself to new experiences and perspectives--and visa versa--the opportunity to share who I am--my culture, my values, my knowledge. Plus, when will I ever again have my own personal fan club of small children?

(Happy Mother´s Day Panamanian Style)


Blogger Rachel Myers said...

Wow, those kids clothes are so colorful!!! They make my closet look very dull. Jess, remember the Burgh's winters?? Enjoy the sun for me please!!!

8:31 PM  

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