Sunday, February 18, 2007

When it Rains it Pours

Very much true in the rainy season. But when the rain stops, the sun comes up and dries up and the landy-landy. Enter summer. Read 4 months of heat and dryness. What´s more treacherous, traversing the slick stones and mud of before, or now this loose, crumbly dust? The aqueduct is drying up. I count the creek among my friends cuando no hay agua. It´s been fun explaining to the people that we can´t work on the springbox until May when they were promised February which is BEFORE the water is all gone by March. But that´s how it goes when you don´t have funds!

Nevertheless, I´ve been busy. For a few weeks, every day I was booked solid with everything from community meetings, replacing water tubes, teaching english, making a garden, writing PC reports, in-service trainings, and talking water conservation. Luckily things are returning to a more sane pace but work doesn´t like to space itself out--the when it rains it pours principle. Who knew there would be stress in the PC?

That´s alright, poco a poco, I´m figuring out what I need to know. I´m getting used to this. The other day I was running errands in the city and I got to thinking about my site and it struck me--hey, I live there. That´s my home and the people know me as Mesi Tolobo. The next day, instead of returning with my usual sigh, I had an anxiousness to get home. Just had to laugh at myself when I went for the light switch . . . no hay Mesi!


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