Saturday, November 11, 2006

More photos than you know what to do with

My closest neighbor and his counterpart sporting Peace Corps Panama garb.

The start of a new day at my site.

Pictures, finally

The Environmental Health Crew! And some independence day festives.


On Nov 28 1821, Panama acheived its independence from Spain, but it wouldn´t be until Nov 3 1903 that Panama would separate from neighboring Colombia. However, was it not until Dec 31 1999 with the exchange of the Canal that all foreign military presence would vanish?

ON Oct 26 2006, Group 58 made the change-over from trainees to volunteers. I now have new responsibilities and am almost my own again . . . just have to get through these first few months of essentially doing nothing except the all important trust-building through pasearing and living with a 2nd host family (translate: hanging out while enduring many moments of akward silence).

But just like the festive, seemingly never-ending, Nov 3 parade with a striking 4th of July similarity (afterall, we share the same national colors, and additionally, that superficial lust for large, banging drums), this initial phase shall too pass. Not to say the challenges will be over, for unforseen new ones will surely arise, but with confidence I can assert that the days of eating rice are numbered.