Friday, April 13, 2007


The open African savannah spread before me, here I am, the present.
Yet the winds take my mind back, I'm on Shurfire, racing up the front field.
I can see my house with the two spotted dogs in front.
We take them hiking, way up to overlook Harper's Ferry.
Down below the Shenandoah meets the Potomac.
Where do you flow river? We went sailing once there.
In the Chesapeake, where was the wind that day?

I'm on my 2nd 8-hr flight and 3 movies later.
I'm stairing at the moving map.
We are passing washington.
Not toward home, but to panama.
This is where I sink or swim.
March was trying, April is almost up.
May is the month my community awaits.
Will their Peace Corps volunteer make it happen?

Erin, Jenn--It was great fun! Thanks for the opportunity to know another part of our world, another people; and to be charmed by both the differences and suprisinging number of similarities.


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