Monday, July 02, 2007


Still no photos from EWB aqueduct project, but for your viewing pleasure, here are photos from my project! Despite some initial community grumblings (don't know why that was necessary, they are the ones who asked for the project!), everyone came together and we completely reconstructed the springbox (that meant destroying the old one designed to look more a giant concrete box with a sledgehammer, no jackhammers here, unfortunately my camara batteries failed me that day) with a local mason who, pardon the slang, is bad-ass at what he does--his springboxes capture all that delicious, pure spring water and won't leak for years to come. We also extended the system to reach 10 new users-yay trench-digging. Then we did system-wide repairs and all are in anticipation of the big sha-bam, the INAGURATION, set for the end of the month. My counterpart loves to tease people, telling them a big, fat chicken for each new faucet. Jatwaita, from the land where avocados go for 10cents, ¿estás celoso?


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